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The Learn To Skate Winter Program is a 12-week program that will begin with a parent meeting at the first scheduled practice time. Each skater must have at least (1) one parent/guardian attend the parent meeting and pick up their "welcome packet"Over the course of the season, your skater will start to master certain skills and has the opportunity to earn “badges” by passing levels! If this occurs, skaters and parents will be notified; practice times may change. Keep in mind that each individual progresses at their own rate, therefore, please do not compare your skater to others! 

Skaters who are eager to master skills are encouraged to hire one of our “Junior Coaches” for private lessons. This is a great opportunity for skaters who are interested in advancing their skills or competing. More information on Junior Coaches will be announced at a later date.  

Skaters who are enrolled in the Learn to Skate program are also encouraged to take advantage of our “Saturday Morning Open Skate” days that will be announced throughout the season and may participate in our annual “Fantasy on Ice” ice show at the end of the season.


To participate in a Learn to Skate program, it is required that each skater has a membership through Learn to Skate USA. This fee is included in your registration fee and you will automatically be registered as a Learn to Skate USA member. 

Benefits of the membership:

  • Receive a Welcome Packet in the mail between 2-4 weeks, which includes
    • Subscription to the Annual Learn to Skate USA Magazine 
    • Skater Record Book, includes stickers to track skill progress (This will be needed for testing)
  • Be a member of the best skating program endorsed by the U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey and U.S. Speedskating
  • Gain great information to make sure your first glides on ice are successful ones
  • Receive secondary sports accident insurance
  • Participate in lessons, performances, and all activities associated with Learn to Skate USA


LTS Skaters will have Monday night lessons at the Huck Olson Memorial Center. Exact times will be assigned and emailed after registration is closed. Upon arrival, there will be a welcome table with a name tag for your skater. This should be worn in a visible location for coaches to see clearly at all times and returned when they get off the ice. To prevent congestion, skaters and parents who are preparing for their lessons should use the (east) side arena seating. You will not be allowed to use the west and south side (in front of doors) to get ready. Warm ups will take place behind the east bleachers. Please help your skater find their designated warm up spot by locating their group sign. Skaters must have blade guards on during warm ups. Following warm ups, coaches will help skaters line up next the Zamboni entrance (southeast corner) to start their on-ice lessons. At this time, all parents should walk around the north side of the arena and use the west bleachers to view your skaters practice. This will allow the next group of skaters to get ready for their practice and prevent congestion. Skaters will then exit the arena through the (southwest corner), turn in their name tags, and must use the (west) side of the arena seating to get ready to go home. See diagram.

At least (1) parent/guardian is required to stay during the entire practice and are asked to comply with our policies.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to see one of our volunteer workers at the head table. We would love to talk with you! All Coaches, Board Members and Volunteers will have name tags for easy identification.


Each LTS level has a specific list of skills that a skater must master to pass the level. Skills are listed on the website under the LTS Program and in your Skater Record Book you will receive in the mail. Testing will be done once a month or as necessary for all LTS skaters. Testing will take place during your skaters normal practice time by one of our adult coaches. Remember, each skater progresses differently. Please do not compare your child to others. Encouragement is key to success! 

Competitions are not required for LTS skaters. These are extra opportunities throughout the season for your skater to gain experience. Compete USA competitions are designed to promote a positive competition experience for LTS and LTS+ skaters. This is not a “figure skating” competition, and LTS skaters in hockey skates are encouraged to compete as well! These are fun competitions that give athletes the opportunity to experience competition. Groups are kept small, and awards are given. Eligibility will be based on skill level as of the closing date of entries. All Snowplow Sam and Basic 1-6 skaters must skate at the highest level passed or one level higher.

Competition opportunities will be added to the site calendar and announced throughout the season.


ALL Learn to Skate members are required to:

  • Contribute a minimum of one and a half (1.5) hours of service per skater per membership year        
  • Sell (1) Raffle Ticket Booklet containing 10 tickets @ $10/each.

Additional fundraising will be available throughout the season!

You can find more about volunteering here


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