Thief River Falls Skating Club

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Volunteering is a wonderful way to get involved with our club, meet new members and their families, and learn about the beautiful sport of figure skating. The more hours you contribute, the more events the club can offer our skaters, thus maximizing the fun and the value of membership!

Due to limited Board Members, there will be no pay $ option to opt out of volunteer hours. All service hours must be performed by an adult (age 16 and older), unless otherwise indicated. Below are (2) lists of volunteer opportunities; Learn to Skate & Advanced. Please look through the program list you are signed up for and find something that interests you! Volunteer opportunities are available on a first come, first serve basis. There will be additional opportunities that will be announced throughout the season; including our Annual Ice Show. Our Volunteer Committee will keep record of volunteer hours, however, it is ultimately each family’s responsibility to ensure that time requirements are met.

If you have questions on hours served or would like more information on a specific task, please contact a board member.

learn to skate

ALL Learn to Skate members are required to:

  • Have atleast (1) one Parent/Guardian attend Mandatory Parent Meeting.
  • Contribute a minimum of one and a half (1.5) hours of service per skater per membership year
  • Sell (1) Raffle Ticket Booklet containing 10 tickets @ $10/each.


ALL Advanced members are required to:

  • Attend Mandatory Parent/Skater Meeting.
  • Contribute a minimum of Fifteen (15) hours of service per skater per membership year.
    • A minimum of 2 volunteer hours must be served during the TRFSC test session or competition, held in January.
    • A minimum of 2 volunteer hours must be served during the Annual Ice Show held in March.
  • Sell (1) Raffle Ticket Booklet containing 10 tickets @ $10/each.
  • Provide Baked Goods for Bake Sale during Legion Burgers Fundraiser.
  • Welcome all skaters and families!
  • Hand out name tags to skaters.
  • Guide skaters/families to the “Get Ready Zone” (east side) of the arena to put skates on. 
  • Help skaters get on the ice.
    • Make sure skates are tied & blade guards are removed.
    • Make sure hair is out the of face & helmets are buckled.
    • Make sure gloves are worn.
  • Remind/Guide parents to the “Parent Zone” (east side) to view lessons. 
  • Help skaters get off the ice.
    • Collect name tags.
    • Guide skaters to the west side of the arena to take off skates.
  • 1 hour (tentative time 9am-10am)
  • Have all skaters sign-in. 
  • Make sure skater are only on the ice for the specific time. 
  • Monitor that all skaters are practicing and not “playing” around. 
  • Contact SafeSport Chair if incident occurs.
  • Stay until last skater leaves. 


Play music for skaters who are practicing with a coach for tests/competitions. Music station is located inside the (east) players box at the Huck. 

Contact businesses, communicate with members, order and distribute items, collect and record money. Current fundraisers:

  • Legion Burgers / Bake Sale
  • Christmas Wreaths
  • Cider Mill Flowers
  • T-Shirt Sponsor
  • Pancake Breakfast

Take pictures, record skater name(s), name of test/competition, date, and accomplishments. 

If multiple skaters are attend, try to get a group picture of skaters together. 

Submit to the Vice President who will then submit to media.

Plan and organize 

  • Contact Venue & Caterer
  • Order & Pick Up Cake
  • Decorate Venue
  • Make Sure Everything Runs Smoothly!